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#227 - Approximately 30 acres located in Central Mass. Comprised of 20 tillable acres, 3 pasture, 7 woodland, and a small pond. The current owner has done extensive work stewarding the land, including regular manure applications to the fields, keeping the stone walls free from brush and seedling encroachment, and restoring the mid-1800's barn and its stone foundation. The owner would like to work with a motivated farmer committed to continuing the stewardship of the farm. Enterprise opportunities may include; tree fruits/nuts, small fruits, herbs, flowers, vegetables, greenhouse production, livestock, etc. Owner is interested in developing a plan and gaining assistance through the Farm Viability Program in Massachusetts to establish an enterprise with a prospective partner. To qualify for this program the partner would need to provide agricultural credentials, a passion for stewardship, and a desire to develop a profitable agricultural enterprise. A two-bedroom farmhouse (completely renovated) could possibly be available or potential farmers could locate or build their own housing. Beginning farmers are encouraged to apply. My latest idea is a focus on organic directions as well as agritourism. I believe that for the proper idea - good credentials and hard work - significant and sufficient funding would be available. At this time the availability of funding through the Massachusetts Agricultural Viability program is one of the many keys to this opportunity.

#259 - Hilltop market garden in west-central MA currently with three acres of prepared beds, orchard, small CSA, hoophouse, barn, goats, berries, etc. seeks serious full-time, organic farmer or trainee to collaborate on the development of our farm enterprise. We're looking to share the planning, labor, joy, money and heartaches of our working micro-farm with another serious grower this season and beyond. A teacher/grower, his wife (singer,dancer, and body worker), another couple and seasonal interns live on the homestead.

#266- Ten to fifteen acres of prime agricultural soil, mostly Hadley sandy loam, for rent or lease in Deerfield, MA (western):  the 50A farm was previously a dairy with vegetable and tobacco crops about 50 years ago, then used for hay and grazing for 25 years, hay only for the past twelve years, organic vegetables on about 8 acres for 5- 6 years, with no chemical fertilizers or pesticides for at least 32 years.  Owner has permission and a design to rebuild one large barn, which burned down, and an option to set up greenhouses.  The land has significant water resources that have been used for irrigation – a pond and 1,400’ of frontage on the Connecticut River, as well as springs and streams.  There is both private and shared rental space on the site, and possibly a building lot as part of a more comprehensive community venture.  We seek an annual contract based on the Northeast Organic Farming Association template.

#287 - Half-acre of four-acre farm in western MA available to person willing to improve land growing food crops.  Organically-certified parcel near water source includes possible use of chicken coop as well. Owner will purchase seeds and plants, and have garden plots plowed for the right user.

#303 - Fully-developed organic cranberry operation in eastern MA, certified since 1992, for sale or lease:  18A includes 4A in bog and another 10A with agricultural potential, one mile off major highway and two miles from Cape Cod.  A spring-fed river on the property open year-round provides irrigation water.  Property includes a two or three-bedroom farmhouse with a water view that houses the processing space; a chicken house; and two storage or animal sheds.  The operation has all the necessary agricultural and sorting/packaging equipment.  A 1,000+-member customer base, both wholesale and retail, has been developed over fifteen years with considerable potential for additional products on  internet via a website already in place.  A 4A piece has been placed in Wetland Restoration with USDA on a lifetime lease.  A 5A piece can be developed as a home site and is under contract but not sold yet and would be included in this offering.  Owners wish to sell the whole property, business and bogs only but are willing to consider other options, including staying on as consultants or partners if necessary for a short period.

#308- About four acres of land in western MA for lease or rent:  former pastureland, pesticide-free, the land has been mowed twice a year.  There is a small barn, access to town water, and a tractor is available.  The owner is flexible about use and financial arrangements, e.g. would consider barter.

#335- About ten acres of land for rent or lease in Mill River, MA (Berkshire County): in several parcels with small orchard sprayed only organically, currently producing superior quality blueberries, pears, and apples, with heirloom apple trees in surrounding fields that could be reclaimed. Unused land is suitable for tree fruits, berries, vegetable crops, or pastured poultry or swine (if protected). There is a one-acre runoff pond, two shallow wells, a seasonal stream, and a barn (needing work) suitable for equipment storage, with electricity currently available through main house. Owner is interested in continuing to develop the property organically and sustainably, and is willing to address infrastructure needs including separate electric supply, perimeter and/or moveable electric fencing and surface piping for future irrigation (unnecessary for current crop area).  There is the potential to expand the rented area or develop a long-term lease if the initial enterprise is successful.

#366 - Farm for sale or lease in Northampton, MA (western): seven acres of which five+ are tillable with 4500 sq ft of storage in three barns with electricity and a garage, and a well point available; there is nearby rentable land as well.  There is a newly-redone, 2400 sq ft farm house with two decks and a landscaped yard. All within walking distance of good-sized town with many restaurants, and near major highway. Asking $565,000.

#394 - Start-up farmer in Barre, MA (central) seeks partner:  three-acre former dairy farm in pasture for about twenty years, free of pesticides, includes barn, about 50’X100’, with the possibility of shared housing, as well.  Owner seeks a serious, experienced, full-time organic farmer-collaborator to share in the development of existing and replanted orchards, possible CSA, berry-growing, roadside stand, four season farming and year round aquaponics with an eye towards forming an educational centerpiece for sustainable farming, as well.  Site is within thirty minutes of Worcester, with 500’ frontage on state highway. Owner is open to innovative arrangements.

#400 - 73 acres for sale in Charlton, MA:  about eight acres can be hayed, ten acres are in a pond that can be used for irrigation, and the balance in woodlands; asking $400,000.

#433 – Farmland and living space available in Athol, MA (north-central): about 3A tillable, currently mowed, and a bedroom with private bath are both available for rent or possible barter arrangement, part of a 7A horse farm, believed to be organic.  There is a local farmers' market, and electricity, water and barn space are available.

#434 - Cropland for rent in Belchertown, MA (western): about 2.5A of flat, sunny land currently in hay, formerly used as pasture for turkeys, near good-sized highway.

#442 - Small parcel available for cultivation in South Amherst, MA (western):  about 1/3A, formerly farmed, open, rock-free and flat, is being offered by the owner interested in having the land usefully farmed in return for minimal compensation.   Owner will provide water and storage space for tools and materials.

#457 - Farm property for lease or rent in Ashfield, MA (western):  Trustees of Reservations seeks proposals for the use of up to 8A in two parcels of  farmland suitable for tilling or grazing, currently hayed.  Infrastructure includes a large barn, and irrigation connections. The organization will consider but not guarantee some major infrastructure improvements, such as replacing a dilapidated barn with a greenhouse, installing electricity or a well.  Land has been pesticide- and herbicide-free for three years, unfertilized but with hay left in place, and is all accessible by public roads.  The organization will give priority to proposals that engage the public, such as workshops, newsletters, or co-branding at farmers markets

#471 - Property for sale in North Dighton, MA (southeast) with potential to be farmed:  7.1A in suburban area surrounded by farms.  The main house has six one-bed units on one oil boiler, propane water heater and electrical system, which could easily be combined into fewer units.  Property includes former apple orchard and a small pond in the rear.  There is a second 480 sq ft chalet as well that is presently the seventh rental unit.  Property is on town water, private sewage.  There is the potential for a start-up farm using current facilities as secondary income.

#488 - Dairy for work-in or sale in Winchendon, MA (central):  43.5A includes 10A of woodland and 3A of pasture.  200-cow free stall dairy includes D6 milking parlor, dry cow barn, calf barn, other support structures, a cheese plant and a farm store.  Owner has gone to great lengths to reduce energy consumption, including: roof-mounted solar panels that supply a third of the energy used; variable-speed vacuum pump; computerized fan system in cooling and aging room; new refrigeration system; energy-efficient light bulbs throughout; on-demand water heating system. There are three houses available on the property.  Besides the cheese-making facilities, there is a compost operation using cow manure and a fiber byproduct that would otherwise be land-filled.  This is a long-established, profitable, vertically-integrated enterprise with low capital overhead and markets in place for both cheese and compost. Owner is willing to consider financial assistance

#493 - Pasture for loan in Bondsville, MA (western):  about 2.5A, unfenced, with ready access to water, for loan to party who will graze sheep.

#497 – Farmland for rent in 2014 in South Deerfield, MA (western):  10A+ tillable land, previously pasture and vegetables with very little pesticide used; 15A+ currently in hay, previously pastureland.  Owner seeks serious, experienced farmer.  Land is open to inspection now.

#506 – Turnkey fruit and vegetable farm and winery for sale in Charlton, MA (central):  about 95A includes 20A in apples, peaches, nectarines, pears, plums and cherries; 9A of netted blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and wine grapes; about 6A of vegetable crops; 5A includes cold storage, packing house, winery, retail store, parking, barn, four greenhouses and two houses; about 12A of pasture currently with ten registered Hereford and Simmental cows, and a registered Hereford bull; about 45A are in woodlands for firewood.  There is drip irrigation in place on about 9A, expandable, two irrigation ponds, two wells, and town water and sewer available.  Sale includes all necessary equipment, inventories and supplies (see website). Operation is on a four-lane highway and located near several main highways and within reach of several large metropolitan areas.  Asking $2,600,000.

#529 - Farm for sale in Ashfield, MA (western):  70A of APR protected pasture and hayfields including; several pole barns, a farm store, good well, a small stream, some frontage on town water, and some farm equipment.  This is a 150-year-old dairy farm, currently a beef operation.  The farm breeds and raises about 50 head of cows, calves, and yearlings, processing about twenty 100% grass-fed animals per year.  The market is strong; selling to several butchers, specialty markets, and private customers (including a new meat CSA).  There is opportunity to grow and diversify - including dairy.  No living quarters on the property, but there are adjacent residences for sale.  Sale price for this APR protected land and barns is $175,000.

#533 - Ongoing plant nursery for sale in Lee, MA (western): this 35-year-old operation, specializing in flowering plants and vegetable starts, is on 3-4A in a prime retail location with an established, loyal clientele.  Structures in place include two greenhouses, 28’ x 100’ and 20’ x 75’, and a 14’ x 100’ cold frame, and there is ample room in which to expand the business.  Owners wish to retire from this successful enterprise, and are willing to share their knowledge of the business, including current suppliers.  Asking $250,000.

#537 – Farm for rent and possible sale in Ashfield, MA (western): 32A include 15A of hay fields, 12A of woods, and 5A around a 3,200 sq ft farm house, which includes horse facilities: run-in, paddock with fencing in place, hay storage, blacksmith shop, frost-free hydrant, and electricity.  Owners would prefer to keep hay fields in production as they have been for many years, and would consider grazing livestock though no infrastructure is in place, or organic farming.  There are about 60 productive blueberry bushes as well, and the potential of harvesting timber.

#539 – Farm space for rent in New Salem, MA (western): one room is currently available in the spacious, shared-use farm house with more open in the fall, and further space in a six-stall barn, set on 36A, of which 12A are open and the balance wooded.  The open land was previously used for horse pasture, and has a number of old fruit trees and patches of low-bush blueberry, but is beginning to grow in with brush.  Current owners have a small flock of chickens, a vegetable garden, have done some maple-sugaring for home use, and have begun to prune back the apple and pear trees (which do produce fruit), but have not done much with the majority of the land.

#541 - Property for sale in Marshfield, MA (eastern):  about 7A with frontage on the North River and shared dock ownership.  The land is permitted for planting organic blueberries or a hydroponic operation with two on-site artesian wells, and is surrounded by 500A of protected woodlands.  The lot is currently wooded with a gated entrance and private drive.  There is the possibility of owner financing.  Asking $900,000.

#550 - Farm for rent or lease in Dalton, MA (western): about 13A of pasture are immediately available, bounded on two sides by a brook, and including a 33’ x 55’ hay barn and a 25’ x 133’ former dairy barn, both with solid foundations and new metal roofs.  The dairy barn is in disrepair but the owner is willing to help secure funding for repairs.  This acreage excludes about 2A with a farm house, a 28’ x 42’ tractor shed, and a 25’ x 77’ shed with attached shop, of which the outbuildings could be included in the lease if necessary. There is also the following contiguous land leased through 2018: 17A of fine bottom land, 65A of woodland with some sugar bush, and 20A of pasture.  An additional non-contiguous 46.6A of open land will be available. The lessor would consider making available a large duplex house nearby as well.

#554 – Land for rent in Hubbardstown, MA (north-central): about 3A of wooded land that has been select cut, perhaps suitable for keeping animals or bees, abutting conservation land. 

#559 – Farm for sale or lease in Plainfield, MA (western): 11A houses a successful goat-cheese operation with new cheese-making facility and milk parlor.  Owners wish to retire and are willing to share their expertise, including award-winning cheese recipes, markets, accounts, dairy management and existing goat herd.  There is the possibility of housing on the farm as well.  Close to major routes.

#561 – Caretaker or couple sought for farm in Great Barrington, MA (western):  300+A, of which 30+A are developed.  Buildings include a main house, guest houses, a stable and a one-bedroom caretaker apartment.  There are three horses and a barn cat.  Duties include grounds keeping, mowing, weed whacking, driveway and machinery maintenance, gardening, horse care, stable and stall maintenance.  Experience and references required.

#565 – Farmland for sale in Douglas, MA (southeastern): 58A, of which 30A is dry woodland, unlogged for eighteen years, and the balance in wetlands with two streams, and 950’ of frontage requiring some modification.  Land is suitable for Christmas trees, blueberries or similar crops, currently in Chapter 61A, close to large urban areas.  Asking $180,000.

#577 - New farm enterprise seeks livestock manager/partner in Haydenville, MA (western): owners have 120A, of which 20A are presently producing hay, maple syrup, vegetables, and fruit. Owners seek a motivated and enthusiastic partner with experience raising meat who can start, run and manage a farm project independently; some financial assistance is available to start, and net profits will be available to the lessee or manager. Owners wish to concentrate on sugaring and raising fruit, and believe that another food product would be a beneficial addition to their farm and farm store offering.

#582 – Farm for sale in Granby, MA (western):  17.75, of which 10A is fenced-in pasture, about 1.5A with structures, and about 5.5A of wetland, all in 61A.  Buildings include a 1700s remodeled, three-bedroom farmhouse, with a vegetable garden; a single-car separate garage; a 1700s two-story barn connected to another moved from the Quabbin as a single barn, opening directly onto the fenced-in pasture, with another garage connected for equipment storage; a chicken coop with a fenced-in yard; all have nearby hydrants with another inside the barn.  Farm is in a picturesque setting, near major routes with access to good-sized cities. Asking $650,000.

#586 – Acreage for rent or lease in Uxbridge, MA (southeast central):  40A of flat land previously in corn or hay, available as the whole parcel or in part.

#587 – Farmland owner seeks partner/manager in Shutesbury, MA (western): 27A of woodland with 2-3A cleared and additional acreage in process, with some gardens, raspberries, Christmas trees and several hundred shiitake logs in place. Owner plans additional fruit tree planting and developing strictly organic permaculture/agroforestry practices, as well as some tapping and timber harvest each year. Equipment and infrastructure includes an 8N tractor, tool shed, garage, various tools and supplies including electro-plastic fences and charger. Farm offers possible live-in situation with a half-finished living space in the basement, open to additional development, or seasonal living space outside. Owner is open to further development of the site, such as a greenhouse.

#590 - Farm:  10 acres half forested, half open in Cummington, MA (western).  Looking for an individual or couple to help us develop and run the farm.  We make decisions cooperatively.  Each of us contributes our own unique talents and skills to the farm.  There are times when this person(s) will be alone on the farm, while at other times there will be several of us here, working together.  The woods are predominately sugar maple (some we tap).  The few acres of wetlands and ponds are maintained as habitat for wild animals and domestic water fowl.  Grazing and cutting hay is rotationally done amidst the young fruit and nut trees that are continually being planted.  We grow annual vegetables and fruits.  Our long-term focus is on tree/shrub crops, and grass-fed animal products.  We raise goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, and bees.  We milk, shear, and butcher our own animals by hand.  We make hay by hand, with a scythe, rake, and pitchfork. We have a 3 year old farmhouse heated by wood with a photovoltaic array that generates the electricity used.  We have a 2 year old timber frame barn, as well as various outbuildings.  A large, sunny room and shared bath is available for the person(s) filling this position.  Being part of a community of ecologically aware and permaculture inspired small farms we frequently volunteer or trade work with them.

#594 – Farm for Lease:  This 4.1A fruit-based farm (Courtney’s Garden) is located in Westminster, MA (north central).  Seeking an enterprising farmer to take over and expand the farm.  This property consists of a well-established mixed fruit orchard, plus blueberries, 2A of reclaimable cropland possibly suited to small fruits, vegetables, flowers, and/or small animals, and associated woodland that could be part of the operation.  Courtney’s Garden sells apples, pears, and peaches to a 6-member fruit CSA, with the potential for additional retail and wholesale markets.  The farm owns all the necessary tree fruit equipment.  A cottage on the property should be available to rent in 2016, in the interim a room may be rented in the main house.  The current owner-operators offer to provide support such as labor, transport to markets, bookkeeping, and mentoring.  The owner-operators seek to transition to new ownership of the business along with a secure, no-cost, long-term lease for the property.

#595 – Looking for Farmer:  50A farm in Kingston, MA (Southeast), wind and organic vegetable farm with two greenhouses, looking for a farmer to help during the summer of 2015 and hopefully continue on for the winter.  A mobile home is available on the property for living.

#598 – Farm Potential for Sale:  5.1A in Conway, MA (western).  South-facing wooded land with many possibilities.  Views of the hills and mountains in a quiet and peaceful setting on a town maintained road.  Nice for a solar home and ideal for gardening and/or farming.  In a quiet setting, within easy distance of I91.  Two other parcels of land adjacent for possible purchase.  One parcel has a three bedroom home including an in-law apartment and a small barn with a studio.  The other is a wooded 1A lot.  All property has been perked and surveyed.

#600 – Farm for Sale, Lease, or Rent:  140A in Millis, MA (southeast).  Acreage currently farmed for vegetable, berries, fruit trees, and poultry.  All organic, but not certified.  There is a well on the property.  24A of the 140A are upland and of those 16A are cleared for crops and hay.  Two 20’ x 36’ clear span structures provide shelter and storage space.  Many housing possibilities are in the area. Conservations easements prevent the construction of a dwelling on the property.  This property is in Chapter 61A, which means exemption from taxes due to a requisite number of acres on the property that are devoted to agriculture and those activities produce revenue each year.

#611 - Farm for Sale:  22.56A in Duxbury, MA (eastern).  Farm consists of a heated barn and tack room, huge common area, kitchenette/laundry area, half bath, hay loft, 120'x 60' indoor ring, and up to eight stalls.  Additional barn with 12 12'x12' stalls.  A 2,400' heated garage with three bays and office space.  Two outside rings, six plus paddocks, and groomed trails through the woods and past the pond.  The residence is an updated Cape and attached guest house.  The property abuts conservation land.

#613 - Farmland for Rent:  4-7A in Ipswich, MA (northeast).  Some of the acreage is better suited for pasture, some better for flat crops.  It has been used for 30 years as a Christmas tree farm under Ch 61A.  The land is being repurposed for other responsible agricultural uses for land preservation.  Owner is open for discussion regarding modifications or improvements, with the understanding that lease terms would reflect any incurred costs.  Terms themselves are entirely open for discussion.

#618 - Farm for Sale:  6.25A farm located in Townsend, MA (northeast).  Land is level/gently sloping with 4+A fenced pasture.  Current use is cattle and chickens, other uses have been sheep and pigs.  There is a 35'x 50' barn with hay loft, several out buildings used for animal run-ins, firewood, storage, etc.  A drilled well supplies water to the pasture and various other locations.  Potential for vegetable gardens with two additional shallow wells also on the property.  The residence is a 4 bedroom antique colonial home.

#623 - Farm for Lease:  196A in New Braintree, MA (central).  Hunter Farm includes a large farmhouse built in the early 1800's.  The first floor is available for lease and consists of a kitchen with pantry, three bedrooms, and a great room.  The bathroom is upstais, as well as four bedrooms that are reserved for the owners for occasional visits.  Wood burning furnace in the basement, and wood stove on the first floor.  There is an attached shed with two horse stalls.  Available side yard for a large garden.  There is a chicken coop behind the house.  Possibility of a small number of arable land available for farming by lessee.  Other parcels are currently leased for hay production, and cattle pasturing.  Farm property includes fields, extensive forest, wood lots, etc.  This is a smoke-free environment.

Farm is currently in Chapter 180 family-owned corporation.  Farm is  a participant in a state and federally-funded program to eradicate invasive species, and rejuvenate the forest.

#636 - Farm for Sale:  20A in Cummington, MA (western).  Sustainable Farmstead in a supportive agricultural community.  Close to major roads.  Diverse woodlands including headwaters of a stream, fenced in pasture land with several paddocks set up for rotational grazing, and garden spaces.  There is a well-built house with 3 bedrooms 1 bath, a 30' x 60' barn, as well as a couple smaller barns for animals and craftsman workshop spaces.  Potential to expand as a small ruminant dairy operation or perennial fruit or plant propagation enterprise.  In addition the wood working shop tools and farming equipent can be included in the sale. Full four season experience.  Ready to move in and make it your home.   Price $320.000.

#643 - Farm Land for Rent:  42A+ in Leverett, MA (central).  11A in hayfields, mixture of red clover, alfalfa, and others, normally hayed 3 times a year.  Five fenced pastures with access to water, total of 20A allows rotation of animals.  11A+ with sand loam is currently in hay and pine woods, bus has the potential for developing into a nice garden area.  On this property there is also a small maple syrup operation, with a large section of sugar maples.  There is a machine shed that could be used for storage, and some barn space.  Rent this property as a whole, or in sections.

#644 - Farm for Sale or Lease:  10A of fertile, class A soils in Sunderland, MA (central).  A small group of regenerative agriculture and permaculture activists, landowners, and community organizers offering this small farm as a base for projects that explore and model regenerative, perrenial-centered, land-based practicers interated with social-justice-minded community programming.  The farm is located on the bank of the Connecticut River.  Seven of the acres have been in organic annuals production for almost 20 years and are currently fallow.  There are farm buildings, other infrastructure, and some equipment, but no residence for farmers on the land at this time.  Email us with questions, arrange farm tours, and preliminary discussions.

#647 - Farm for Rent:  2-3A and house with permaculture garden area and perennials in Shutesbury, MA (western)  Homestead includes a 1200 sq ft, 2-story house, 3 bedrooms, 1 and a half bathrooms.  Located 300 ft behind the owner's house.  Current occupants have cleared about 1 and a half acres of land, put in fruit trees, berry bushes, and other perennial plantings.  A new vegetable garden is in the process of being dug up to turn in manure and remove stones.  There is a large manure pile and wood chips on site.  This summer, the owner plans to construct a 24'x 16' state-of-the-art solar greenhouse.  Use of the green house can be part of the rent.  This summer, the owner will be building a 24'x 18' shed/garage outbuilding that may be available for use by the renters.  The use of the tools is a possibility and can be discussed with the owner.

#653 - Farm for Lease/Rent:  14A in Carlisle, MA (eastern).  Only appropriate for livestock - no vegetable or orchard farming!  This farm has been used for breeding and selling Nigerian dwarf goats and sheep.  All recent stock on the property tested and clear of CL, CAE, and Johnes.  Land is separated into 5 pastures - all fenced either with 4ft sheep/goat fencing or 4ft non-climbable horse fencing (baby area) with 5ft along the main driveway, visitors stop to view the animals.  One of the 5 pastures has a small 8'x 8' barn with a 6'x 6' hay area for the males.

The 40'x 20' barn has electricity.  There is storage for 150-200 square bales, 5 birthing areas and all area gates may be open for a mingling area.  The middle of the front of the barn, sheep panels are used so livestock can be out all night, but safe from predators, also allows more airflow when hot.  Associated with the barn are 2 paddocks as well as a 2A field.  There are 2 water options on the land, installation of a punch well, or running piping from the owner's house, collecting rainwater and snow has been done. 

There are two access driveways.  Farm is located on a main road, easy for folks to visualize the sale of their wool, mohair, alpaca fiber, babies, or meat.  Land has focused on being organic during the last 5 years.  Fields have lots of grass for the sheep and invasive plants creeping along the fencing for the goats.

Possibility of rentable apartment adjacent to the farm.  No option to build housing on the property.

#659 - Farm for Sale:  30A located in Dighton, MA (southeast).  The farmland is roughly half meadow and half wooded.  Century old stone walls boarder the land, there are other non-boundary stone walls.  Road frontage is roughly 900+ ft.  There is a shallow well at the front of the property.  Town water and electricity are to the property.  There is a run-down farmhouse on the property, but not considered a residence.  Currently there is a small herd of goats, a few chickens, and rabbits which don't go with the property.  The land has been chemical free since at least 1950.  Prior to 1950, it was a small cow and potato farm.  The owners are wanting the property to remain a farm and not go for a sub-disision.  Asking $575,000.

#665 - Farm for Sale:  60A located in Hardwick, MA (central).  There are 10A in fields that are hayed.  The remaining acreage includes a 4-bay tractor shed; a 25'x 30' metal garage with electricity; the 1200 sq ft 3 bedroom, 1 bath house with sunroom, needing some updating; and woods.  There is also a drilled well that serves both the house and tractor shed.  The land is conserved for agriculture and forest management through a conservation restriction held by the local land trust.  Asking $250,000.

#670 - Farm for Sale:  5.04A in Plymouth, MA (southeast).  This 11 room custom built cedar log house, 4 bedrooms, 4 baths along with a legal 5 room in-law ranch house sits 1200' off the road surrounded in natural woodland.  There is a 29'x 30' Morton Garage, cement floor, wired and insulated had been used to hold equipment for logging.  The land is flat and dry.  Suggested use of the land is a tree farm, or a place to have horses.

#674 - Farm for Sale:  Chapter 61A in 5 separate deeds totaling 37.94A located in Greenfield, MA (north central).  Potential additional building lots.  Open level pastureland to raise animals, room to build a barn and fencing.  Open land for gardens  Antique farmhouse with some update, circa 1880's, 3 bedrooms, 1 bath; two stories plus basement.  Attached one car garage with storage and work space.  Near Fall River and the Connecticut River on a dead-end street.

#675 - For Lease:  1A with 4 hoop houses, in Concord, MA (eastern).  There are 2 hoop houses 30'x 76' and 2 hoop houses that are 22' x 48'.  The hoop houses operate all year long.  Example: tomatoes, basil, and flowers in the summer; winter greens and assortment of other products in Spring and Fall.  There has been great success with CSA's and sales to local Concord restaurants.  The well is available for irrigation all year round, respecting availability of water for everyone.





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