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New York

(mostly Hudson Valley area)

#223 - Iroquois Farm, located on the St.Lawrence River and Rte. # 37 near Ogdensburg, NY, seeks a farmer, or a farm family or a "partnership" of two or more farmers knowledgeable about organic farming, who would like to manage the 90 ft. certified organic greenhouse, 12 acres organic gardens and 150 acres of row crops on land owned by Clements Agricultural Research Institute (CARI). CARI will provide the land, seed and equipment and possibly some labor. We are particularly interested in growing organic soybeans on our cropland, and a variety of vegetables in the garden. Housing available. . We would lease the farm, the B&B and the Restaurant and shop. We would have some conditions about maintenance of the organic certification and we would try to obtain some grants for research in organics. The restaurant could be operated by a different couple than the farm and garden; B&B could be operated by separate party also. Swimming, boating, fishing, and hunting on site, as well. Also interested in interns for the summer.

#226 - Farmer sought to grow for small-scale food processor:  position would involve growing for the company on 7A and outsourcing other components to produce kits for a variety of foods. There is a riding mower that could be equipped with a rotary tiller available.  Facilities include a 1400-sq-ft kitchen with a walk-in cooler and freezer, and a 50’ greenhouse, irrigation supplies and fencing. There are also barns and more land available nearby, and apartments on the site. Owner is willing to fund amendments of biochar, minor minerals and compost from nearby sources in order to produce nutrient-dense soil and food for freezing and canning. Visit the website to have a tour of the kitchen.  Meal Kits sell for between $5 AND $10 per pound.  Seconds from other farmers are also available for joint kitchen meal kit profit sharing.

#527 – Farm for sale, rent or manager in Essex, NY (eastern):  35A of which 10A comprise a plowed planting field and the balance yield 1,000 square bales annually, with some fencing in place.  Buildings include a four-bedroom, two-bath farmhouse; a xx barn and a xx barn with frost-free underground water bibs, stalls; several chicken coops and tack tractor run-ins.

#536 – Farm manager sought for farm in North Salem, NY (southeastern): 100+A farmed organically houses cows, sheep, chickens and other animals, and includes a large barn, tractor and many other types of farming equipment.  Manager needs to be able to commute.

#538 - Portions of a larger farm for rent in Morland, just south of Watkins Glen, NY (southwest-central): one parcel has a large barn and a house on 10A, the second parcel has a smaller barn and house with an older three-bay machinery shed and 5A.  No chemicals have been applied for the last sixteen years and owner is willing to rent only to organic farmer.  This is a non-smoking farm.

#572 – Farmland for rent in East Durham, NY (southeastern):  about 5A of chemical-free grassland, formerly in hay, with a seasonal stream and well water available, about 45 minutes south of Albany.

#573 – Farmer/land owner seeks experienced partners for ongoing operation in Greenwich, NY (eastern): Most of 100A is particularly suitable for grazing, with areas appropriate for annual and perennial production.  Farm is in the process of being certified organic, currently raising and processing organic chickens. Buildings include a number of barns and structures in fair condition as well as good housing.  Owner wishes to find one or two co-farmers to diversify farm enterprises, and is currently pursuing permanent affordability through a non-profit land trust to own the property with a 99-year ground lease to the co-owned business.  More detail can be found on the website.




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