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Growing New Farmers Project

The Growing New Farmers (GNF) Project was a four-year collaborative effort funded by a grant from USDA/CSREES under their Initiative for Future Agriculture and Food Systems. GNF built upon and extended the work completed under Northeast New Farmer Network (NENFN), an earlier project supported by Northeast SARE.  The New England Small Farm Institute served as host, fiscal sponsor and administrator of both of these projects. Project partners included PA Farm Link, Rutgers, Cornell and Pennsylvania State Universities, and the Universities of Massachusetts and Vermont. Nearly fifty collaborating organizations and individuals implemented GNF Project activities in the areas of :

  • Program and Resource Development
  • New Research 
  • Policy Education
  • Professional Development

The GNF Project's objectives were to:

  • establish an ongoing Northeast service provider consortium and create a network of services, programs and activities that provide new farmers with the tools they need for success.
  • enhance professional capacity of consortium members and expand participation.
  • produce science-based knowledge that will advance understanding of issues critical to the future success of new farmers.
  • educate policy makers and other stakeholders about policy issues that affect new farmers.
  • develop programs, products and tools that directly benefit new farmers.

The GNF Project developed a website on which were posted a host of resources for beginning farmers as well as research reports and tools created by GNF and NENFN Project partners. All of these resources can now be found in the For New Farmers and For Service Providers sections of this website. More detailed information on the GNF Project is available in this section of the website.